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Easy to make, edit and maintain.

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Responsive Design

Gorgeous themes like this one quickly give you a modern website that works on anything. And if you want to edit the site on the go, the admin UI is also mobile-friendly.


Fast Loading Pages

Pulse has no database so it's fast to set up and runs fast in the browser. Designers love this, clients love this, Google love this. You'll get done in no time at all.


Easy to Customise

Just edit the text files to change the content. Add videos, text and photos. And if you're a designer you only need HTML skills to setup a template. Lovely jubbly.

I was gob-smacked by the performance in the browser and sheer seconds it took me set this thing up, sweet! I'll use this in many coming projects.

Joseph Green

Easily Embed Video

Sell stuff with Pulse

Embed ecommerce buttons and make an ecommerce store. There are loads of ways to extend Pulse using the growing number of Pulse addons, from a customised admin login to multilingual sites.

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Who is Pulse for?

Pulse is made for people who make websites for a living. They need software that helps them make websites of a high quality, and in as little time as possible, that are not a pain in the neck to setup and that clients love editing. Oh look, here's a mailing list signup form that's built in..